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Madeleine Shaw: Why We Need Better Maternity Activewear

Madeleine Shaw


Madeleine Shaw: Why We Need Better Maternity Activewear

Wellness and nutrition guru Madeleine Shaw is already famous for three cookery books, her Glow Guides app and has a wide social media presence.

Ever the entrepreneur, she has now branched out into clothing. Four months ago, the qualified nutritionist gave birth to baby Seamus (or Shay) and has since collaborated with UK maternity retailer, Mamas & Papas on a new yoga range.

The clothes include vests, leggings and sweatshirts, all designed especially for expectant moms.

TRAIN for HER caught up with the 27-year-old Londoner to find out more about the need for better maternity activewear on the market and how she’s finding motherhood.


madeleine shaw


What inspired you to create your own range?

I wanted to create a range that made you feel confident.

You often feel a bit self-conscious when you’re pregnant as your body is constantly changing – and sportswear rarely helps. I’d find my bump would just fall out on either side whenever I wore workout clothes; it was uncomfortable and looked like fat rather than a little baby.

My new range is comfy, practical and super chic. I love wearing yoga gear and these clothes are suitable for running, the gym or even at the shops after a workout.


Can you still wear the clothes post-pregnancy?

Totally! The leggings might fall down a bit when your bump has reduced but the tops are great no matter what your size.

They also have buttons or zips down the side so that you can breast feed when you are out and about.


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How does the range differ from existing maternity wear?

It’s not prissy. I find a lot of maternity wear has a cupcake or spots on it – just because I’m pregnant it doesn’t mean I want to suddenly dress like that.

I wanted to create a range that you would wear pregnant or not.

The reaction so far has been really positive. People seem to love the clothes and their prints and fits, it’s so amazing to see.


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What is your favorite item from the range?

The cold shoulder sweater. It’s so cute, I wear it all the time when leaving the house with Shay.


madeleine shaw


How important is it for women to continue working out while pregnant?

Exercise makes a huge difference to your energy and also recovery. I felt great and really strong after my birth and I’m sure it’s down to spending some time moving my body.

It’s also important to me to look good while pregnant – you want to feel confident. I always work out harder in a nice outfit!


What’s your fitness regime like now?

I love yoga and functional training. I currently do some yoga at home twice a week during Shay’s lunchtime nap. I also go to F45, a functional interval training gym twice a week.

On top of that we try and go on a daily walk together to get him to sleep for his morning nap.



Do you have plans for any other ranges in the future?

I hope so, I love working with Mamas & Papas. I also have an exciting beauty launch with Origins skincare coming out next year.


The full Mamas & Papas yoga range can be seen online here.


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