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6 Cute Workout Hairstyles That Are Actually Functional


6 Cute Workout Hairstyles That Are Actually Functional

Try these quick and easy tweaks that let you modify functional workout hairstyles into fashionable ones you can wear out on the town.


1. High pony

We all love a good ponytail and just about every woman on earth can achieve it, no matter her skill level. Give that pony a bit more interest by adding a popular braid. Firstly, slick your hair back into a high pony and secure tightly with a rubber band. Secondly, braid your ponytail all the way until the end. Finally, loosen up the edges of the braid by pulling it apart.


2. Braided bun

Topknots are all the rage right now, and it’s not surprising given how simple they are to do. First, after getting home, take the time to touch up your pony and braid. Second, wrap your braid around to form a bun on the top of your head. Finally, secure with bobby pins to keep it in place. This isn’t your everyday topknot, but it’s a sophisticated version that will compliment any outfit you choose.


3. The headband wearer

Who likes flyaway hair when you’re killing it in the gym? Headbands are popular accessories  to keep your hair out of your face while looking fashionable in the process. So whether you wear your hair in a pony or an endearing braid, a headband is a great addition to any hairstyle.


4. The wrap around headband

This is a fun new take on how to wear headbands. First, remove yours from your gym style and place it on the crown of your head. Then grab pieces of your hair that are hanging down and wrap them around your headband. Finally, keep wrapping until all of your hair is secured. This is an easy style that looks great on any length of hair.


5. The french braid

This year we can’t get enough of braids. In fact, the French version, from when we were back in elementary school, has returned with a vengeance. Or you could try a Dutch braid, which is an update on the old classic and a great way to secure your hair out of your face for a workout.


6. The beach wave

This is an easy style to do when you would rather look like you’ve been at the beach all day. Firstly, let down your hair and give it a good shake. Then take a blow-dryer and hit any areas that are wet from sweating. Next, hit your roots with some dry shampoo to give your hair a refreshed look. Finally, take a wand and curl the top portion of your hair leaving the ends out. Now you have an effortless style to flatter any look.


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