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Can Whey Protein Give You Acne?

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Can Whey Protein Give You Acne?

It’s said your acne goes away when you get old enough to enjoy paying taxes. Your skin says that this is a lie. A big fat lie that loves to simmer beneath the surface then burst onto the mainstream consciousness. For you that can often mean the acne is perfectly timed with events where you want to look your best. A pool party. A weekend away. A date you’re nervous about. A zit always shows up at inconvenient times. This affliction doesn’t always go away just because you’ve been adulting for decades. It can be very deflating, especially when you’ve trained to look your best. Stress, hygiene, and hormones big factors, but all it takes is one poorly timed zit and you might wonder if your protein powder is a possible culprit. Here’s what you need to know about being fresh faced.


Body acne explained

For many exercisers, pimples show up in your sweatiest spots, like your chest or back. While you may feel grateful that they’re not dimpling your face, their presence isn’t ideal because body acne is often a side effect of performance enhancing drugs. The Mayo Clinic says that the biggest myth around acne is that it’s caused by chocolate, greasy foods, and poor skin hygiene. However, they do suggest that carbohydrate rich foods may trigger it. So, what about whey protein? Well, the relationship between acne and food is complicated because everyone’s body reacts differently to various foods. When you get down to it, there are no studies that link whey protein specifically to breakouts of acne, though some people do report suffering. What’s worth noting is that many people do have a level of food intolerance and may not even be aware of it. This could be the case with milk derived whey protein.


Milky connections

Lactose has become an enemy of the people, though it may not need to be. Most people tolerate milk products very well without any issues. If you have doubts about your friendships with lactose, it’s worth getting a test to see where you stand with it. Can’t be bothered? Pay attention to how you feel after a serve of diary. This could be after your whey protein shake. If it leaves you feeling bloated and uncomfortable then you may have a digestive issue with it. If you feel great, then you probably don’t. Your body loves to give you clear messages. It will complain when something doesn’t agree. And if whey is the culprit, then make an easy switch to a plant-based protein. Problem solved.


What’s probably happening

Zits have come to a weird understanding with hormones. When one is going through changes, pimples make their presence known. The Mayo Clinic suggest that hormonal changes are a big factor for acne. So, ask yourself why are you taking whey protein? To build muscles via resistance training. Lifting weights and eating protein amp up your testosterone levels naturally to create bigger muscles and this can be a significant hormonal shift. If your acne is yoked to a better physique, then there’s a good chance this is what’s happened. Try a new protein if you like but whey usually isn’t a factor. It’s simply the most powerful aid you can have at increasing your muscles.

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