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8 Life-changing Beauty Hacks For Women On The Go

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8 Life-changing Beauty Hacks For Women On The Go

As a self-confessed lazy girl who’s also always on the go, I often roll my eyes at beauty routines because let’s face it – who has the time for winged eyeliner every day?

Saying that I do like to look good and sans heavy eye bags, so any beauty hack that means I can get ready in a hurry is a blessing.

Here are a few of our favorite beauty hacks to help you look like the boss you are in half the time.


1. Dry your nail varnish in seconds

Nail varnish – am I right? Why does it insist on taking so long to dry? You practically have to block out an evening in your schedule to paint and dry your nails to avoid smudging them.

To speed up the process, fill your sink up with ice cold water before you paint your nails. Once you’ve done, put your hands in the sink for 1-2 minutes and let the water do the work. The freezing temperature of the water will solidify the polish all the way through. Magic.

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2. The perfect ‘beach look’

Spending the morning in bed is much more appealing than burning your hair with curling tongs. However, I like a tousled look as much as the next girl and this hack has left me with five extra minutes in bed more than once.

After an evening shower, towel dry your hair so it isn’t dripping wet and create two loose plaits. In the morning, just remove the hairbands, run your fingers through and voila, effortless beachy waves with none of the heat.


3. Brighten your eyes

Time often runs away from us and it isn’t always possible to get eight full hours of sleep. Combat ‘tired eyes’ by putting white eyeliner on your waterline to instantly brighten your eyes long enough for you to have your morning coffee.

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4. Remove makeup the easy way

There are plenty of makeup removers out there, but none have ever been more effective for me than micellar water. Not only is it budget friendly, but it can remove even the toughest waterproof mascara.

Bonus tip: keep a bottle close to your bed so you have no excuses not to remove your makeup before you go to sleep.


5. Keep your bobby pins put

If you’re on the go, it’s probably fair to assume that you don’t have time to keep readjusting the bobby pins that are keeping up your lazy girl hairstyle.

Grab your hairspray and cover your bobby pins to stop them sliding out and falling into the abyss where all of your other bobby pins, hairbands and hair clips live.

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6. Become best friends with dry shampoo

If you haven’t ever used dry shampoo it’s about time you started. It helps on those days where you really don’t have time to shower.

Don’t use it in the morning, though. Spray your hair before you go to sleep so it rubs in and leaves you without white roots.


7. Get the perfect cat eye

The perfect cat eye is like contour – hard to get right. Instead of spending precious time in the morning trying to do it, use a business card to get it perfect every time.

Take the long edge of the card and angle in against the corner of your eye. Use the edge to create the perfect wing with your eyeliner. Then, line your eye as usual and connect to the wing. Voila, you’ve got wings.

woman putting on her winged eyeliner


8. Dry your moisturizer instantly

Using moisturizer is all fun and games until you’re forced to wait around until it’s dry. Pick up a hairdryer and blast your face and body on the cool setting and it’ll be dry in no time.


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