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Temptation Tamed


Temptation Tamed

Jessica Smart had tried over and over to lose the weight she’d gained during pregnancies, but a switch in the mental game helped her reach her goals.


I had a difficult divorce in 2011 then met my husband and by 2012 I wanted to start a family but had a huge battle ahead due to infertility.

My hormones and thyroid were not functioning properly, but to my delight I became pregnant the first time in 2013. However, that pregnancy and the next three all ended with miscarriages. With each miscarriage I would gain 10-15 lbs and as hard as I tried could not lose it.

After being pregnant the fifth time I gave birth to my son but by the time I left the hospital I was 100 lbs overweight. Although I tried to look in the mirror with nothing but self-love and patience, subconsciously I was extremely frustrated, because it was as if my body was failing me. I got very depressed and wouldn’t leave my house. I was tired and uncomfortable and carrying 100 extra pounds is painful – I was completely exhausted all the time. This means I wasn’t fully able to enjoy my children as I was like a zombie with no energy to be fully present. Basic daily chores were all I could do, if that.


I went to the doctor to see if there was a medical reason why I couldn’t lose weight but when all my tests came back clear, my doctor encouraged me to join Weight Watchers which left me disheartened. I was always motivated and trying everything, but I was literally not responding to anything to the point I felt broken. At this point I just decided that I had to keep trying, I decided that giving up was not an option.


Limiting beliefs were a huge factor because I had lost faith in myself and in my body. But I just kept moving. I never would have set the goals to be where I am today because I never would have thought it was possible.

It is incredible what we are capable of if we just don’t give up and focus on baby steps. I chose to do one thing at a time, and when I improved, I would add another. I think many people sometimes go “all in” and overwhelm themselves.


I drink my Keto OS NAT every single day to start my day and also as my pre workout, and have my Keto OS kreme and protones for my post-workout. I practice intermittent fasting with a 12-16 hour fast daily, 24 hours once a week and 60 hours once a month.

I follow a low carb/keto lifestyle. This means I eat when I’m hungry and always keto friendly/ low carb food. I stop when I’m satisfied. Food used to have so much power over me but food no longer controls me. Don’t get me wrong, I love it and eat delicious, satisfying options, I just don’t live for it anymore. I use it as fuel now.


Make sure you choose to believe that there is always something better and never quit. Keep moving while believing in yourself and before you know it, you will far surpass what you thought you could achieve.

It’s also worth finding a tribe where you can surround yourself with people who have goals and want to succeed. Next, find a coach, and a mentor. Someone who has been where you are and is now where you want to be. Be lead-able and coachable and stay consistent. Try not to look for “quick” results and instead commit to a lifestyle.


I plan to share my knowledge with as many people as I can to spread hope to those who have struggled or are struggling like I did. The next step is to be a on stage and share my story. I am also coaching and always have room for those looking for a better lifestyle.

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