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The Killer Workout To Sculpt Your Legs and Bum

legs and bum


The Killer Workout To Sculpt Your Legs and Bum

Fitness, food and lifestyle bloggers, Lucy Plenderleith and Abby Carpenter, are the founders behind growing online brand, Gains4Girls. Their Instagram account already boasts over 85,000 followers.

The best friends love feeling strong, and they weight train primarily because it makes them feel so empowered. They appreciate their bodies for what they can do; not just the way they look.

Here they share their training regime and the workout that gave them the killer legs and bums they have today.


Meet Abby

“I normally train three to four days in a row followed by a rest day and repeat that cycle. Due to my upper body developing very quickly and my quads already being very big (ex ski-racer legs!) my split is more focused on lower body and specifically glutes and hamstrings as these areas are a priority for me. I currently do one upper body workout, two leg workouts and one full body workout.”

Meet Lucy

“I like a mixture of functional and bodybuilding training as I love sculpting my body using isolation movements, while still doing ‘big’ movements like a squat, deadlift or a clean and press.

“I currently train when I can, which, because of my demanding city job, is sometimes not as much as I’d like. Three to four times a week is very good for me and usually consists of two personal training sessions: one full body and one circuit, and one glutes/hamstring session and one upper body session.”


Glutes/hamstrings workout

Warm up

1a: Banded feet elevated glute bridges 2x 20 reps.

1b: Banded crab walks 2x 20 reps each way.



2. Sumo deadlifts: warm up, 1x 6 reps, 1x 8-10 reps, 1x 12 reps, 1x 20 reps.

3. Lying leg curl: 1x 10-12 reps, followed by a triple drop set, 8-10 reps per drop.

4a. Hip thrusts from low bench: warm up, 3x 8 reps

4b. Bodyweight banded (slingshot band) hip thrusts: 3x 20-25 reps

5a. Single-leg leg press 2x 12 reps per leg

5b. Single leg DB deadlift 2x 15-20 reps per leg

6a. Wide step walking DB lunges 2x 10-12 reps per leg

6b. Cable glute pull throughs 2x 20-25 reps drop set last set another 15-20 reps



5-6 sets of 15 battle rope slams followed by 10 ball slams. Minimal rest between sets.



“We both use Multipower 100% Whey Protein and absolutely love it. Abby’s favorite flavors are Coffee Caramel and Rich Chocolate while Lucy loves French Vanilla. We promise it tastes so much better than other vanilla proteins!

“Abby tends to have hers either with oats as a pre-workout meal or mixes some with a little almond milk and pours it over cereal as a post-workout meal. We also love their cherry bomb flavour BCAAs and always drink these when we train.”


@Gains4Girls are Multipower ambassadors. For more information visit


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