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Give Em’ Enough Rope


Give Em’ Enough Rope

This quick-read article was orginally featured in TRAIN for HER issue 87. You can get a free subscription to the mag by clicking here.

Battle ropes aren’t just a great way to practice holding the reins of a Clydesdale that’s facing off with a rattlesnake, as they’ll also give the sexy shoulders that amaze in that strappy dress.

A paper in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research wanted to find out if this offers a decent cardio workout so they gave people a 10-minute bout of rope training using a 15m rope anchored to a post.

They did 15 seconds of vertical double arm waves followed by 45 seconds of rest for 10 total repetitions and found heart rates bumped up to 163bpm and it burnt 467 kj. That’s comparable to a pricey treadmill and a great way to hike up your cardiovascular fitness.

Battle ropes are great to lay out in the garage or in the backyard and will help you wave goodbye to your former less fit self.


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