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3 Ways To Fix Your Hair

woman holding her hair and a pair of scissors


3 Ways To Fix Your Hair

If you’ve suffered a dye, cut and blow-dry nightmare, fear not, there are ways to fix it!

Nothing will make your hair grow fast enough so that you can go out looking like you did pre-appointment, but a hat or headscarf will cover it up if it’s too unbearable.

You could also go for a headband, but your other, better option is to make the rest of you look so hot that your too-short ’do also looks on fire. Put on your red lipstick, your dangly earrings, work those eyelashes until they’re longer than the hair on your head and you’ll look fabulous whatever.


1. A dodgy cut

Before you go crazy buying hats (or worse, trying to ‘fix’ it with more cutting –don’t do it), wash your hair then style it yourself. It’s amazing how much styling can make a cut look good or bad. Chances are you can fix this easily on your own with a bit of judicious brushing, backcombing or, if necessary, hair clips.


2. Damaged hair

Sorry, there is no way to actually fix damaged hair. Hair is not a living thing so can’t be regenerated, but you can make damaged hair look better. Find a product with hydrolyzed proteins in it to disguise hair damage effectively, or use natural oils such as coconut, argan or jojoba. This will help bring back shine. But remember: the fix is temporary, so to keep the shine you’ll need to keep using it.


3. Dyed hair

So you tried to go blonde and now your hair is the same color as an orangutan’s – no problem. You’ve got three options: dye it darker, bleach it and then tone it to get rid of the red, or simply tone it. The toning aspect must be done with an ash-based color – in the hair dye section look for those with ‘ash’ in the name and that’ll do the job.


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