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7 Ways To Tame Your Post-Gym Hair



7 Ways To Tame Your Post-Gym Hair

One of the worst things about exercise is dealing with post-workout hair. Working out can turn that perfect style into a big, greasy, tangled mess. Luckily, we have some quick, easy fixes to tame that post-gym mane so you can stop sacrificing your health for your hair. Your hair will no longer be an excuse for not getting in a good sweat sesh.

The pressure of looking your best after doing a red-face-inducing workout is enough to put anyone off exercise. Here are the strategies for looking hot after you’ve become hot and sweaty.


1. Bring back the 80s

If the dreaded ponytail crease is preventing you from hitting the gym, we’ve got your solution. To prevent a crease from forming, pull your hair into a high or low ponytail and secure with a fabric holder, such as a scrunchie, instead of a tight elastic style band. When you let your hair down, it will have extra volume.


2. Use that sweat to condition and dry

As gross as this may sound, take a minute and brush all your sweat and oil through your hair. It will act as a conditioning agent and give your hair a shiny sleek look. Next, let your hair down and use a blow dryer to blast your roots with cool air for 3-5 minutes. Either blow-dry upside down or use a round brush for added volume.


3. Dry shampoo

Find a dry shampoo that works for you and make it your best friend. Dry shampoos help absorb sweat and oil and get rid of that ‘I’ve been boating for a week’ look by adding volume back to your roots and absorbing the sweat. There are several different options to choose from. We recommend asking your stylist for proposals and experimenting to see what works best for you. When experimenting, remember you can always add more if you need it, so start conservatively.


4. Embrace the Up-Do

Try a ponytail, braid, or bun for a look that won’t disappoint all day long. Some do’s will last before, during and after a workout without even having to touch them. Others are a good post gym choice. It’s good to have at least a couple of “up-do” options like this in case of emergency where all you literally have is that 20-minute lunch break. Need some ideas? Search Pinterest.


5. Rock the ‘wet-look’

Thanks to the runways and glam mags, the ‘wet look’ is in. Use a comb to quickly dampen your hair in the locker room with water and/or product and slick it back into a sleek, sophisticated ponytail or bun. From messy post workout to cool, calm, and collected in seconds.


6. Fix the bangs

If you’ve got bangs you know they collect the most sweat and can also make your hair look greasy. Pull your hair back with a headband while working out. It will help absorb the sweat and keep hair off your face where it would absorb the most oil. Once you’ve finished working out, wet only your bangs in the sink or with a water bottle and blow-dry. You’ll look a million bucks within minutes.


7. Don’t over condition

Hair absorbs natural oils quickly which can lead to a greasy, flat do. To avoid greasy strands, don’t over condition.  When washing hair in the shower, only apply shampoo to the top half of your hair and only apply conditioner to the bottom half. Roots tend to get enough hydration from natural oils and adding to that can easily leave you with heavy greasy strands, especially after hitting a hard training session.


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