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How To Get A Body Like A Celebrity

How to get a body like a celebrity


How To Get A Body Like A Celebrity

You should feel confident with every program and, most importantly, you should never go hungry. If you have an appetite, eat! Just eat the right stuff.

Simplicity is key and you’re going to be lifting weights, as it is important to build lean mass in order to drop body fat: think fat loss, not weight loss. You will also be including short, sharp and intense HIIT circuits. The strategy is to alternate between weights one week and HIIT the next so your body is always guessing, progressing and working at optimum levels. Your reward is increased fitness, better muscle tone and a body you can be proud of.


Week 1: Strength and muscle

Day 1 & 7: Glutes

A1: Hamstring curl15x 4
A2: Glute bridge (use a resistance band if possible) 20x 4
Rest60 seconds
B1: Wide stance leg press20x 4
B2: Split lunch (each leg)10x 4
Rest60 seconds
C1: Step up (each leg)10x 4
C2: Jump squat25x 4
Rest60 seconds
*Day 7 Repeat this workout but include 10 hill sprints at the end.


Day 2: Delts

A1: Dumbbell shoulder press15x 4
A2: Front raise20x 4
Rest60 seconds
B1: Lateral raise20x4
B2: Cable pull back20x 4
Rest60 seconds
C1: Rear delt front cable raise20x 4
C2: Straight arm cable front raise20x 4
Rest60 seconds
D1: Standing shoulder press30x 3


Day 3 & 4: Back & biceps

A1: Dumbbell bicep curl15x 4
A2: Lateral pull-down15x 4
Rest60 seconds
B1: Hammer curl15x 4
B2: Supernated pull-down15x 4
Rest60 seconds
C1: Double dumbbell row12x 4
C2: Single arm dumbbell row10x 4
Rest60 seconds
D1: Seated row25x 4
* Day 4: 30 minute incline fast paced walk


Day 5: Legs

A1: Leg extension15x 4
A2: Less press15x 4
Rest60 seconds
B1: Step-ups 20x 4
B2: Walking lunge20x 4
Rest60 seconds
C1: Dumbbell squat20x 4
C2: Jump squat30x 4
Rest60 seconds
D1: Leg curl30x 4
Rest45 seconds


Day 6: Chst & triceps

A1: Dumbell chest press15x 4
A2: Flyes20x 4
Rest60 seconds
B1: Cable flyes 20x 4
B2: Tricep dips20x 4
Rest60 seconds
C1: Cable tricep pull-down20x 5
Rest45 seconds


Week 2: Cardio fitness

Day 1 & 3 & 5

Warm up: Incline walk10 minutes
Cool down: Stretch off10 minutes
Seated leg curl 60 seconds
Dumbbell squats60 seconds
Chest press60 seconds
Dumbbell rows 60 seconds
Seated shoulder press60 seconds
Lateral pull-down60 seconds
Single leg Romanian deadlift 60 seconds
Rest60 seconds
*Repeat the circuit five times


Day 2/4/6/7

A1: Jump squatx20
A2: Press-upsx20
A3: Walking lungex20
A4: Sprint30 seconds
Rest60 seconds
*Repeat this circuit once

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