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How To Prepare For Your First Kickboxing Class

first kickboxing class


How To Prepare For Your First Kickboxing Class

So, you’ve found a gym, a class-time, and an ass-kicking attitude, now what? What should you bring your first class?

Here are a few tried and tested tips that help me get the most out of my kickboxing time.


Lots and lots of water

Kickboxing workouts engage your entire body, as well your mind. You’ll be outputting a lot of energy! Water between rounds keeps you going during the workout, and helps your recovery post-workout.


Channel your inner Jane Fonda

Bring a small towel, sweatband, wristband, etc. to keep the dripping sweat in check. I wasn’t kidding when I said you’ll be exerting a lot of energy during your workout Imagine trying to wipe your sweaty eyes with boxing gloves on.  You see why moisture absorption becomes a priority.


Hand wraps

Nothing makes you feel more kick-ass than wrapping up your hands like a pro. But honestly, hand wraps aren’t just for looks. When you are punching repeatedly, hand wraps offer support and protection. Thankfully they are easy to find.  Any big box store, sporting equipment store, or a zillion places online, all carry hand wraps. Did I mention they come in a variety of cute colors?

Most gyms will have some communal wraps you can borrow, but remember the previously mentioned sweat? Wraps get extra sweaty and smelly so it’s wise, and more hygienic, to have your own.



Remember all those reasons you should have your own hand wraps? Apply that same logic and reasoning to your gloves. Gyms usually have gloves you can use for your first few classes, but once you’ve caught the kickboxing bug, definitely invest in a personal pair


Hair ties

Kickboxing is not a sport where you can function with hair in your face. Try keeping an eye on your target with hair in your eyes!  And unless you have a freakish ponytail talent, there’s no easy way to pull your hair up with gloves on. Tie your hair back securely before you put your gloves on.


Keep it tight

Loose clothing not recommended.  Maximize your freedom of movement and minimize the chance of getting stuck in your own clothes.


Lots of attitude

More than anything, go into that kickboxing class with confidence. Leave your insecurities at the door. Don’t let yourself get caught up in nerves or self-doubt. Feel strong. Act strong. Think strong. Walk into that class ready to learn, to work, and to challenge yourself. With that attitude, there is no failure.


If you are feeling especially motivated, learn the basic 6 count before your first class.


The Basic 6 Count

One of the building blocks of kickboxing is the basic 6 count. Traditional stance left foot forward. SouthPaw, which means you’re a lefty, is right foot forward.

This is the basic sequence:

Jab= 1

Right cross= 2

Left Hook = 3

Right Hook= 4

Left Upper Cut = 5

Right Upper Cut= 6


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Camee Adams

Camee Adams is a mother of two daughters, WMMA fighter and comprehensive wellness coach. She powers positive transformations through various training methods, workshops, retreats and speaking. She is a mental health advocate and a Safe Talk certified teacher through the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

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