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3 Must-Have Tools To Help You Sleep Better

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3 Must-Have Tools To Help You Sleep Better

Everyone knows you need 8-9 hours’ sleep for faster exercise recovery and to prevent lethargy. But sometimes that just isn’t feasible, right? Well, a recent review by French scientist and soccer player, Mathieu Nédélec, highlights strategies that benefit busy athletes in bed – for sleeping. The products below can help you catch up on those much-needed Z’s:


1. Eye mask & ear plugs

Drown out the light and the distractions of everyday life with the help of a Dream Essentials Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask and Earplugs. – $12.49


2. Red light

Allowing only long wave lengths of light (for example, red light) to hit your eyes before bed time promotes the sleep-wake cycle and will help you fall asleep faster.

Any generic 25-watt red light bulb – pack of 6 $12


3. Wake up light

Sunrise-colored lights gradually get brighter 20-40 minutes before your alarm. Plus, they’ve been clinically shown to prepare the body to rise and shine.

Wake-up Light HF3510/60 – $139.99


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