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How To Find Happiness In 5 Steps


How To Find Happiness In 5 Steps

Kandace Hudspeth shares with you her top tips for finding true happiness.

I am genuinely a positive and happy person. The reason? I make an effort to live this way. I choose to show up, show gratitude and to be an encouraging force for anyone I come into contact with, regardless of the stresses or personal challenges. Yes, I go through the same challenges as everyone else, but this is how I get back to living life on my terms:


1. Experience the emotion

I find the appropriate time, but I get mad, I cry, I express my frustrations out loud or in writing. Do this for a few minutes, an hour, an entire evening, then ask “why?” and you force yourself to honestly answer the hard questions. In some cases there’s an easy solve. In others, there’s no control or ability to impact the root cause. But still assess your response and improve the outcome.


2. Never go to bed angry

Do your best to make peace with the situation and/or connect with the person involved. Don’t let it fester.


3. Let it be and live

I would love to say I let it go but this is not always possible – just don’t let those things impact your everyday life.I wake up and do my normal routine. Remember: how you spend your morning sets the tone for the day.


4. Be with your A-Team

Surround yourself with people who energize, inspire and uplift. Minimize interaction with those who don’t.


5. Practice positive habits

Pick a new skill or a habit and focus on it for a fixed period of time. Sometimes changing one thing can have an impact.


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