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Why A Girls’ Holiday Is Actually Great For You At Any Age

two women sunbathing on towels at the beach


Why A Girls’ Holiday Is Actually Great For You At Any Age

A romantic beach holiday with him might be what you’re lusting for, but don’t forget the importance of the alternative: the girls’ break.

Research in the Annals of Leisure Research found that regardless of your age, you’ll gain tremendous benefits from getting away with your besties.

Before you start booking, these are the rewards you’ll get based on what stage of your life you’re in:



These are bond forming holidays where you find the nitty-gritty of your friends’ personalities and create unforgettable memories.


Early adulthood

These represent adventure and experimentation vacations where long-term decisions are made about the future. This experience becomes a rite of passage to the next stage in life.


Middle adulthood

You’ll feel young again and have a break from family commitments while facilitating less joyful transitions like a divorce or death.


Late adulthood

You’ll assert a statement of confidence and independence that can cement your friendships for life.


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