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Can You Eat It’s Skinny Before Training?


Can You Eat It’s Skinny Before Training?

Food is fuel.

Exercise needs this fuel so that you have the energy to train at a worthwhile intensity.

How do you do this?

Eat a mix of carbs, some fats, and protein roughly 2-3 hours before you exercise.

The food won’t weigh down your stomach but still serves the energy you need.

Without some food, you may feel lightheaded, hungry, and lacking in the spark you need to have a great workout.

But what happens during a workout if you’re eating low-calorie food like It’s Skinny noodles or pasta?

It’s Skinny products are made from konjac, so it only has 9 calories, 0 net carbs, and is low glycemic.

From a “food is fuel” perspective, it may seem like a low-calorie food is less-than-ideal, but It’s Skinny noodles are, in fact, a near-perfect pre-workout snack for anyone looking to lose weight.


It’s Skinny Pre-Workout Nutrition

It’s Skinny pastas and noodles allow you to eat the most potent pre-workout nutrition.

You can combine them with your favorite vegetables in recipes like this low-carb fettuccine primavera.

It gives you a generous serving of healthy vegetables like broccoli florets, bell peppers, zucchini, and squash that optimize the nutrients you can use to fuel your workout.

Since the It’s Skinny Pasta Fettuccine is low carb, all your pre-workout carbs come directly from vegetables, so you can lose weight while feeling energized.

You’ll empower your weight loss strategy because the pasta is slow digesting, leaving you pleasantly full, minus any nasty bloating.

It’s an easy way to feel light and be more active during your session.

The possibilities are limitless, so visit their recipes section to get a taste of optimized pre-workout nutrition.


It’s Skinny Post-Workout Nutrition

Ever felt like inhaling the contents of the nearest bakery after a workout?

Everyone probably has, so don’t worry if your tummy grumbles attract attention.

That bottomless hunger is your body crying out to replenish the energy you’ve burnt during your session.

However, it creates a problem.

You don’t want to eat more calories than your workout burned.

Instead, your goal is to create a calorie deficit that nudges along your weight loss efforts.

Top of the list of nutrients you need to eat is protein, but that’s not always a satisfying fix when eaten without carbs.

It’s Skinny pastas and rice make you think you’re eating a big satisfying bowl of these carbs but instead offer zero net carbs and just 9 calories.

You can pair them with delicious recipes with vital proteins from their recipe section.

You’ll leave your post-workout meal feeling like you’ve satisfied your inner hunger monster.

It will happen without eating more calories than you need to continue to lose weight.

That’s futuristic pre and post-workout nutrition that’ll get you feeling your best.

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