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Why These Hidden Carbs Might Be Sabotaging Your Ketosis

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Why These Hidden Carbs Might Be Sabotaging Your Ketosis

Carbs can be some covert group of macronutrients.

Just when you think you’ve cut them out of your life, they weasel their way back.

Even when you believe you’ve got a handle on the fundamental carb quantities across your favorite foods, inadvertently hidden carbs can prove your calculations wrong.

How do you know?

Well, the proof of these miscalculations is in your body fat readings.

You may lose a little less than you expected.

Your thoughts may feel foggier.

Perhaps you have lower energy.

To be sure you’re where you want to be, these are the carbs you might not be aware you’re eating.

And they could be kicking you out of ketosis without you even knowing.


Ketosis Saboteur #1: Sauces and condiments

Sadly, they too often make food taste incredible because they’re full of sugars and sometimes unpronounceable


The hidden sugars often serve up the lip-smacking taste you probably love.

Scrutinize the ingredients list and the macronutrient breakdown on the back of the product.

If you see words such as dextrose, glucose, fructose, or ethyl maltol, those ingredients are pure carbs in their simplest form.

Switch up your purchasing patterns or make your own sauces.


Ketosis Saboteur #2: Yogurt

You may think it’s nothing more than pure cow juice, which makes it almost pure fat and protein, right?

Maybe, not.

A 170g container of Greek yogurt can have 6g of carbs you didn’t account for in your plan.

Potentially loaded with additives that may confuse your body, there may be plenty of other extras you may not know are there.

The solution is not to go for low-carb or low-sugar yogurt.

Go full fat with the least sugar and check that label, or the white stuff could harm your weight loss efforts.


Ketosis Saboteur #3: Cashew nuts

At first glance, nuts are the God particle of all things keto.

High in protein.

All natural.

Loaded with good fats.

Then there’s the crunch you probably crave.

Don’t be fooled because many nuts harbor carbs, and cashews have as much as 30g per 100g.

Mindlessly having a large handful of nuts will blow you out of ketosis.


Ketosis Saboteur #4: Supplements

Secret carbs don’t just apply to your tub of protein powder.

Instead, if you’re taking many vitamins or other dietary supplements, they may pack in secret carbs.

This is because many are concentrated versions of vitamins and minerals that can make them potent to the palate.

The solution is to add a good dose of sugar.

Sugar in supplements is worth researching, especially if you opt for chewable versions.


Ketosis Saboteur #5: Beans

Beans are an unlimited food, right?

Despite high fiber and protein, certain varieties are very high in carbs, so be selective.

Green beans are the BFF to ketosis, and black soybeans offer the lowest carbs but a high nutritional density.

Whether reading the label or researching your food, it’s worth double-checking everything.

This most innocent assumption may derail your weight loss progress when applied over time.

And if you feel like eating carbs but without losing the benefits of being in ketosis, try enjoying It’s Skinny pasta and rice, which have 9 calories and 0 net carbs while being high in fiber that will leave you feeling fuller for longer.

This is the opposite of a saboteur; it’s a supporter.

Carbs are not your enemy; however, ignorance about how much of them you’re eating is the adversary, so be sure to eat with the correct numbers in mind.

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