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The Basic 6 Count Of Kickboxing

basic 6 count


The Basic 6 Count Of Kickboxing

You’ve found a gym, a class-time, an ass-kicking attitude and have everything you need to bring to class – but what happens when you get there?

Don’t worry, you don’t need a gym, hand wraps or gloves to practice at home. We’ve put together your guide to the basic techniques of the 6 count. The jab, cross, hooks and uppercuts are broken down so you can show up looking like the next Holly Holm.

Watch the techniques, read the instructions and shadow box at home to get comfortable.


#1 Jab

Make sure you’re throwing the punch from your chin, your elbows are tucked in and you’re bringing your hand back just as fast as you threw it out.


#2 Cross

Throw the punch from your chin, keep your elbows tucked in and twist on your back foot. Also, make sure to rotate that back hip for more reach and more power.


#3 & 4 Hook

Make sure to twist on the front foot for the left hook and the back foot for the right hook. When throwing your hooks think of stirring a pot or holding a large beach ball between your chest and wrist.


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#5 & 6 Uppercut

When throwing uppercuts make sure to keep your knees bent and rotate the hips. This is where your power comes from. Make sure you aren’t bringing your elbows past your hip bone and bring the punch back just as fast as you threw it. Uppercuts are short and quick, you don’t need to wind up!



When throwing knees make sure you extend through the hip. Think of kneeing through your opponent, not just bringing your knee up and back down.


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Camee Adams

Camee Adams is a mother of two daughters, WMMA fighter and comprehensive wellness coach. She powers positive transformations through various training methods, workshops, retreats and speaking. She is a mental health advocate and a Safe Talk certified teacher through the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

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