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4 Surprising Everyday Uses For Oil


4 Surprising Everyday Uses For Oil

You may have thought that oil was only used in the kitchen. Think again. It’s time to bring oil to the bathroom with four ways to utilize this classic kitchen staple.


1. Heal your skin

Battle scars, acne and stretch marks can all be reduced with a little lavender oil that’s a natural antiseptic and can minimize scarring.


2. Nourish your hair

Hair is protected when it’s naturally oily. Coconut oil and olive oil have good levels of hair penetration. Apply the oil 20 minutes before washing. This may seem counter intuitive but the oil will penetrate your hair strands, so your hair will be clean after washing.


3. Spot prevention

Mix a few drops of teatree oil with water and dab it on your problem skin areas and you could prevent the full-blown red eruptions completely thanks to it’s antibacterial properties.


4. Longer legs

For long, slim-looking legs, a little shine does wonders, so mix a few drops of your favorite-smelling oil – be it vanilla, coconut, peppermint or bergamot – with a base oil such as skin-nourishing jojoba. You’ll smell great, too.


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