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How To Stop Sweating After A Workout


How To Stop Sweating After A Workout

When you’re in the gym, we all know that sweating is a pretty good indication that you’re working hard. However, when it’s time to leave the gym and head back to the office, we don’t want our sweat patches showing through our work attire.

We asked our panel of experts for their top tips to stop sweating after a tough workout when it’s time to head back to work.


Rachelle Dejean

I often train midday on my lunch break and have to scurry back to the office, so would recommend setting time (even two-five minutes) for a cool down to allow your body to regulate again and wick some sweat away (even if you don’t have time to take a full shower).

Bring a clean pair of undergarments so you don’t have to wear those the rest of the day, and maybe even body wipes to help cool you down, too.


Katrina Freds

The best thing that has worked for me is to drink plenty of water while getting in a complete stretch post-workout. This will allow your body to cool down. Ending with a cool shower is always a quick fix.


Emily Duncan

If I’m running from the gym to school, a meeting or work and need to cool down fast, I start off by sipping ice cold water and splashing my face with cold water from the sink.

It’s also handy to keep a little spray bottle of plain water in your gym bag to mist over yourself while you’re in the midst of changing. Pat down with a towel, throw on some deodorant and you’re good to go.


Taylor Chamberlain

Do a short cool down stretching session, then take a colder shower.


Alex Silver-Fagan

Make sure you’ve cooled down and your heart rate has slowed before jumping in the shower. Take an extra two minutes to stretch, breathe deeply and calm your body down. Drink cold water to help this process, then take a lukewarm or cold shower.


Sara Solomon

Roll your window down in your car while you’re driving, or step outside.


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