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6 Ways To Be Successful With Your New Year Fitness Goals

New Year Fitness Goals


6 Ways To Be Successful With Your New Year Fitness Goals

For most, the new year always comes with at least one fitness inspired resolution.

Whether you are in your 20’s, 30’s, 50’s or beyond and you want to begin a fitness regimen, here’s my best advice for starting and sticking with your New Year’s resolution in the long term.


1. Set a realistic goal and timeline

If you have never picked up a weight, your goal should not be to become an Instagram fitness model overnight. It should be to learn proper body mechanics, form, and posture for weightlifting.

If weights aren’t your thing, find an activity that is and learn how to properly perform it. Remember to learn the basics first to set a solid foundation to build on and set a realistic timeline to learn those basics.


2. Make a plan

If you aren’t sure what you should be eating and/or doing for exercise to achieve your goals, reach out to a professional via an online coach or your local gym to get a customized plan created for you. Having a plan sets you up for success.


3. Watch your habits and not your weight

Proper fitness and nutrition should become your habits and work their way into becoming apart of your lifestyle. If you are only focused on a number on the scale and not the process involved you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Motivation is fleeting but habits last.



4. Be patient with yourself

Rome was not built in a day – which is to say important work takes time and what is more important than you and your health? Stay committed to your fitness goals but give yourself grace along the way.


5. Learn from your mistakes

Stick to your plan instead of throwing in the towel. There will be bumps on your fitness journey but when a mistake happens or progress stalls learn why, adjust, and keep pushing forward. Knowledge and self-awareness set you up for lasting change.


6. Take some selfies

Believe it or not, selfies are a great way to visually track progress. Take a starting picture and continue to take pictures along the way that way when progress doesn’t seem to be happening quickly enough you can glance back at your starting picture from six months earlier and realize the noticeable improvements.


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Suzie Rice

Full Time Training and Nutrition Coach for ADO Fitness, Nationally Qualified NPC Bikini Competitor, Masters in Nursing and Public Health, BSc in Nursing, BSc in Human Physiology, Registered Nurse & Certified Personal Trainer.

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