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How To Cure Your Hormone Imbalance For The Perfect Recovery

hormone imbalance


How To Cure Your Hormone Imbalance For The Perfect Recovery

You live in a society that strives to do a million more things, even though they are physically, mentally and emotionally drained.

The answer isn’t getting eight hours of sleep. Between 10pm and 2am is when physical repair happens. Between 2am and 6am is when physiological repair happen. Lack of sleep between these hours triggers the production of stress hormones. These hormones further disrupt the quality of your sleep and how long you sleep, blocking your body’s ability to regenerate tissue and systems.

The sun and moon drive your repair cycles, with cortisol levels rising as the sun rises. They start to drop in the afternoon and early evening, especially as the sun goes down. If your cortisol levels are normal, then they drop in the evening releasing melatonin and increasing your growth and repair hormones. If you experience long-term chronic circadian stress it leads to depressed immunity, illness and chronic fatigue. This also means decreased levels of growth and repair hormones throughout the day.

Sleep is one important way to recover and recharge but it’s not the only way, like taking a full day off from work or the gym. Listen to your body and stop being so stubborn. In our time-poor world, most say they would rather spend their time lifting weights or doing cardio, even if their bodies are super tight, still and in pain.

Incorporating yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi at least once a week will deliver beneficial energy to your organ and hormonal systems. These types of workouts focus on breathing and how much that alone can relieve stress.


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