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Leah Gruber’s Outdoor Bodyweight Workout

Leah Gruber workout


Leah Gruber’s Outdoor Bodyweight Workout

All you need for this workout is a bench and a bar to hang on (like one at a park or gym), and you’ll get a full-body session.


Hanging tuck

Works: core, shoulders, grip.

A) Hang with straight arms from a bar. Keep your body from swinging and using momentum. To keep yourself still, tighten your core and pull your navel to your spine with your feet slightly in front. This should create a hollow body hang.

B) Pull your knees tightly to your chest and squeeze. Slowly lower your legs back down to that first hollow body hang.


Hanging scissors

Works: core, shoulders, grip.

A) Adopt the hollow body hang. Separate your legs more than hip width apart. Pull up and brace your shoulders to keep them stable. Keep your legs straight, lifting them 12 inches up, and cross your ankles.

B) Lower your legs back to the starting position. As you get stronger, bring your legs higher as you cross, making your abs work to control lift and swing.


Hanging pike up

Works: core, shoulders, grip.

A) Get into a position similar to the hanging tuck start in a controlled hollow body position, with your naval pushed to your spine and feet slightly in front.

B) Keep your legs as straight as you can and lift them as high as you possibly can. Control your legs back down to
ensure that you don’t create a swing.


One harm hang

Works: shoulders, core.

A) Start with two hands on the bar, legs separated, together, or tucked. Slowly release one hand. Pull down in your shoulder to keep it away from your ear.

B) Pull your core in tight, keeping hips and shoulders facing forward. If your body is rotating, keep your shoulder blade down.


Raised push up

Works: chest, shoulders, core.

A) Start in a plank position, with your feet up on a bench or step. Keep your hands under your shoulders and your belly button in. Make sure to activate your core muscles by not lifting your butt, or arching your back.

B) Bend your arms into a push up, then back up to the start in a plank position.


Raised pike

Works: core, shoulders, chest, arms.

A) Start off in a plank position. Walk your hands in towards your feet and bring your hips into the air. Try and put more weight on your shoulders and less on your feet, to work your shoulders.

B) Hold for a couple of seconds to feel weight in your shoulders, then walk back out to the plank.

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Leah Gruber

Personal trainer and yoga antigravity fundamentals instructor.

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