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9 Healthy Kitchen Habits You Should Start Today

healthy kitchen habits


9 Healthy Kitchen Habits You Should Start Today

Creating healthy kitchen habits is what will take you from being a struggler to a high performer. Here are the essential routines you need to form so you consistently hit your goals.

It’s easy to get a general idea of how to eat well. Custard creams: bad. Chicken breasts: good. However, there’s a big disconnect between knowing what it is you need to do and actually forming the habits to successfully achieve your goals. The most influential factor that can help you stay on track with your fitness goals is to make prepping your food a part of your weekly routine. These are the essential prep tips you can use today to fast-track to fitness success.


1. Make time for prepping

You have to make it a priority by looking at your schedule and deciding when and how you’ll devote the necessary time to planning and preparing your meals for the week. Physically write down when you will food prep. Block the time out in your calendar and commit yourself to that appointment.


2. Bulk up

Learn to cook in bulk ahead of time. This ensures that all you need to do to get a healthy meal on the table is heat and eat. Grill chicken breasts or steak in bulk, prepare rice or oatmeal in large batches, bake a bunch of sweet potatoes and roast up a few pans of healthy veggies.


3. Invest in food storage

High-quality food storage containers are a must for keeping food fresher longer than you could with flimsy plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Pyrex dishes are leakproof and you can heat them up in the oven or microwave.


4. Travel coolers are a must

With such a wide variety of coolers available, there is an option for any lifestyle, even coolers that double up as purses, gym bags, and briefcases. Make sure you purchase one that can comfortably travel with you on your daily commute and will hold all of your meals.



5. Use your crockpot

If you’re running short on food prep time for that week it can be helpful to make one-pot meals that will yield several servings and combine your proteins and veggies into one. Most recipes involve minimal preparation and you can simply throw the ingredients in, close the lid and let the crockpot do the work for you.


6. Pre-chop veggies and salad

Cut veggies in bulk ahead of time to avoid the drudge of having to chop and toss on busy weeknights. Make up salads in advance and pre-portion them out into bags. You can easily make squash noodles ahead of time, and chop items like courgette, carrots, peppers, and onion, which will stay fresh in the fridge for a week.


7. Plan for the unpredictable

Even if you have the best intentions, life can always throw you something unexpected. Don’t get stuck without a healthy meal or snack available. Keep things like protein powder, jerky and pre-portioned bags of easy-keep items like rice cakes or raw nuts on hand at all times.


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8. Use your freezer

Did you prepare too much? Freeze it, and then a quick thaw can provide grilled chicken for a speedy dinner or to top off a healthy lunch salad. You can also freeze unused portions of the crockpot meals I mentioned above, like casseroles, stir-fries or chilli. Even protein pancakes can be made in advance and frozen.


9. Prepare to dine out

The whole point of prepping food is so that you don’t have to eat out, but, let’s face it, dining out happens. It’s important to know the healthy options at the restaurants in your area so you learn how to navigate the menu and you aren’t afraid to specify what you want when ordering. Ask for no sauces or oil on your selection, look for the entrées with lean meats and veggies and opt for a fresh salad over starches.


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