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Amy Leigh-Quine’s Lean And Sexy Workout


Amy Leigh-Quine’s Lean And Sexy Workout

Want to gain functional muscle? This is how our WBFF pro and March’s cover girl, Amy Leigh-Quine trains every week to improve her tone and hike up her fitness.



Push-ups until failure: 3

Dumbbell incline flyes: 4x 15-20

Barbell incline press: 3x 12

Cable/machine flyes: 3x 20

Close grip bench: 4x 10

Skullcrushers: 3x 10-15

Cable pushdowns: 3x 20

Seated dumbbell curls: 4x 10

Rope curls: 3x 15-20

Cable curls to failure: 1



Pull-ups until failure: 4

Underhand grip rows: 10x 10

Wide grip pulldowns: 4x 8-12

Heavy single arm row: 5×5

V-grip pulldowns: 4x 8-12

Cable rows, drop final set: 4x 8-15

Cable crossovers: 2x 30




Doggy kicks: 2x 20

Froggy glute lifts: 2x 20

Band walks: 2x 20


Sumo squats on benches: 3x 20

Hip thrusts: 5×5

Kicks back on Smith machine: 3x 15

Cable kick backs: 3x 20

Hip abductors: 3x 40

Barbell walking lunges: 2x 20 (each leg)

Ball roll ins: 3x 15



Leg extensions: 3x 20

Shoulder width squats: 4x 8-12

Leg press: 4×6-8,1×50

Static lunges: 3x 20 (each leg)

Single leg extensions: 4x 10-15 (each leg)

Cable squats SS 1 min wall sit: 3

Seated calf raises: 5x 10

Smith machine calf raises: 3x 50



Wide stance squats: 3x 15-20

Lay down hamstring curls: 3x 20-30

Stiff legged deadlifts: 4x 12-15

Good mornings: 3x 15

Nordic ham curls: 3x 10-15

Split squats: 4x 12-15 (each leg)

Rope pull-throughs: 3x 20



Seated press: 2x 30

Seated press: 7x 6-8

Dumbbell side lateral raises: 4x 10-15

Cable front raises: 3x 12-15

Barbell shoulder press: 3x 24

Smith machine seated: 4

Drivers 10lb plate raises: 3x 30 secs

Around the worlds (to failure): 2


My daily diet

Meal 1: Oats, ProSupps whey isolate, berries.

Meal 2: Brown rice, turkey mince, green veg.

Meal 3: Rice cakes and nut butter.

Meal 4: Gammon, pineapple, green veg.

Meal 5: Chicken, sweet potato, green veg.

Meal 6: 2 eggs, 4 egg whites, mushrooms.


My supplements

Pre-workout: Glutamine

Intra-workout: Hydro BCAAs

Post-workout: PS whey, glutamine

Before bed: Crash


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