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Full-body Workout With Surge® 3.0


Full-body Workout With Surge® 3.0

This eight-exercise, 12-16 rep circuit challenges every muscle in your body with a series of compound movements. The hydro-inertia properties of the Surge 3.0 enhance muscle recruitment in your core while improving your overall fitness. See why “water is the new steel!”

For dynamic-fluid resistance training, fill the Surge with a small amount of water for your first few workouts. As you become comfortable with controlling the motion of the water, gradually add more for increased resistance and a core challenge.


What you’ll get:

  • More power
  • Better balance
  • Fat burning
  • Injury resistance


1. Lateral lunge overhead press

Stand with your feet together. Step to a right lateral lunge, lowering the Surge towards the right foot. Push back up while lifting the Surge overhead. Repeat on the other side. Keep the Surge level and stop the water motion overhead with each rep.

2. Lunge halo

Step to a forward lunge with your left foot, swinging the Surge to the outside of the left thigh. Step back together and raise the Surge to the outside of your right shoulder. Smoothly move the Surge around your head in a “halo” motion until it is outside the opposite shoulder. Repeat on the other side.

3. Bicycle twist

Lie on your back and extend one leg until it is parallel with the floor. Simultaneously rotate the Surge so it is aligned with the extended leg. Repeat, alternating sides with each rep. Keep the Surge level and the water quiet.

4. Hip hinge biceps curl

Keeping your back straight, hinge forwards from the hips and lower the Surge towards the feet. Slowly hinge back to upright position, then curl the Surge to your shoulders and back to the start.

5. Pliè drive the bus

Flex your knees and lower into a plié, keeping your knees aligned over your toes. Holding the plié, extend your arms, and rotate the Surge to a vertical position. Rotate the Surge back to the horizontal position while standing back up to the starting point.

6. Bent over row overhead press

Hinge forward 45 degrees. Keeping your back straight; slowly “row” the Surge up to the chest and back down for three reps. Then, press the Surge overhead and pause before lowering back to the starting position.

7. Sit and rotate

In one smooth movement, hinge to a sitting position, lean slightly forward and rotate the Surge to a vertical position on the outside of one ankle. Lift the Surge back overhead in the seated position, then hinge back down to the start.

8. Swing and revolve

Hold the Surge in front of you. Extend both arms and turn the Surge to a vertical position. Perform a half squat and swing the Surge through your legs and back to vertical. Revolve the Surge to horizontal, and then to vertical. Repeat the movement pattern, turning the Surge in the opposite direction with each rep.


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