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Jen Jewell’s Lean Muscle Workout


Jen Jewell’s Lean Muscle Workout

Kick those light weights to the curb, and get ready to really work it. Too many women coast through their workout routines and do the same thing over and over again, which leads to a lack of results. To get results, you need to have a clear-cut plan of action each time you hit the gym. This means changing your weight, rep scheme, or exercises in order to keep stimulating the body.

Dropsets are one of the best ways to build muscle or help bring up a lagging muscle group. Stick with this plan for a month and you’ll guaranteed to gain more muscle, confidence and a curves in all the right places of your leggings.

Workout 1: lower body/booty

Wide-stance squat (4x 12 reps*)

Single-leg deadlift extension (4x 12 reps per leg)

Glute cable kick-back (4x 12 reps per leg*)

Plie squat (4x 20 reps)

Reverse barbell lunge (4x 12 reps)

Step-up to kick-back (4x 12 reps per leg*)

Walking lunge with kick-backs (4x 30 reps)

Side lunge (4x 12 reps per leg*)

*dropset on final set


Workout 2: back triceps abs

Lat pull-down (4x 12 reps)

Overhead triceps rope (4x 12 reps)

Plank up/down extension (4x 30 secs)

Seated row (4x 15 reps)

Triceps kick-back (4x 15 reps)

Overhead medicine ball slam (4x 15 reps)

Bent-over barbell row (4x 15 reps)

Stability-ball knee tuck (4x 25 reps)

Side plank with dip (4x 15 reps per side)

Straight-bar push-down  (3x 20 reps)

Straight-bar reverse-grip pull (3x 15 reps)

Triceps push-down (3x 15 reps)

Plank hold (3x 30 secs)


Workout 3 : lower body

Warm up circuit (repeat three times)

Incline treadmill walk 5 min. At 15 incline

Lateral shufflee 30 secs right, 30 secs left

Treadmill walk 1 min.

Hack squat (4x 12 reps*)

Forward lunge (4x 12 reps per leg* )

Curtsy lunge (4x 12-15 reps per leg)

Barbell deadlift (4x 12 reps, per arm)

Sumo deadlift (4x 12-15 reps)

Leg extension (4x 12 reps*)

Leg curl (4x 12-15 reps*)

Barbell hip thruster (4x 12-15 reps*)

*dropset on final set


Workout 4: shoulders/biceps

Single-arm lateral raise (4×10-12 reps per arm)

Standing hammer curl (4×12-15 reps final set)

Bent-over rear-delt raise (4×10-12 reps)

Plank up/down (4×30 sec.)

Standing shoulder press (4x 10-12 reps*)

Incline-bench biceps curl (4x 15 reps)

Front raise (4x 10-12 reps*)

Kettlebell swing-through (4x 15 reps per arm)

*dropset on final set


Workout 5: chest/biceps

Spiderman push-up (12-15 reps)

Standing hammer curl (12 reps*)

Burpee (12 reps)

Incline chest press (10-12 reps*)

Incline-bench biceps curl  (12 reps)

Jump rope (30 secs)

Cable fly (4x 15 reps)

Single-arm biceps curl (4x 15 reps per arm)

Ball pike/knee tuck (4x 20 reps)

*dropset on final set

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Jen Jewell

WBFF pro, Cellucor athlete trainer and fitness writer.

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