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6 Tips For A Truly Flawless Complexion



6 Tips For A Truly Flawless Complexion

TRAIN for Her’s resident makeup artist and skin expert, Lindsey Behrens, reveals how she overcame adult acne. Use her tips to embrace a new look you can be proud of.

As we head into our 20s, we naively think that outbreaks of acne are a thing of the past; something to leave behind with bad hair styles, homework and notes being passed in the halls. Yet for many women, those pesky breakouts can resurface, insisting on popping up for special occasions and family pictures.

If this is you, it may be time to take a long hard look at the skincare routine you’ve been clinging onto from ‘the good old days’ and re-evaluate what your skin needs are in the here and now.

Navigating the skincare aisles can definitely be a daunting task and you can feel like you’re drowning in a sea of products. You see, taking care of your skin properly is a personalised process and, unfortunately, there isn’t a one size- fits-all approach.

Yet there are some basics we should all have in our arsenal in the battle for clear skin. With these following seven fail-safe tips to clearer skin – your largest organ won’t know what hit it.


1. What we eat matters

Just like fuelling your body with the proper foods to maximise your workout – you also need to feed your skin with the proper foods and hydration. It’s a simple you-are-what-you-eat concept. With that in mind, search for foods high in antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids, and stay away from foods with refined carbs and high sugar content. Water helps rid your body of toxins and aids in your skin’s rehydration, so drink up – for both your complexion and overall health.


2. Don’t be a make-up sleeper

You’ve stayed up too late watching repeats of your favourite TV show and now you’re half asleep and can’t muster the strength to go through your nightly routine. We’ve all been there but nothing could hurt your skin like sleeping in your make-up.

Throughout the day, dirt and bacteria build up on your skin. You don’t want that marinating in your pores all night and you don’t want to transfer all of the ‘yuck’ from the day to your pillow. Pull up your big girl pants and wash the day away.


3. No picking

When a zit rears its ugly head and is screaming, ‘Pick me’ – resist the urge. Picking at a blemish could cause the spread of bacteria and unnecessarily scar your skin. You will thank yourself in the long term.


4. Skincare routine

Now that you’ve determined your skin type from the four variations at the bottom of the page, it’s time to create your game plan. Having a good skincare routine that works for your unique skin and overall lifestyle is essential. If you’re just starting out – keep it simple with a basic cleanser, toner and moisturiser.

Not a novice? If you want to spruce up your regimen, add in a mask once a week or an exfoliator twice a week. Feeling saucy? Do both. It’s your routine so use as many or as little products to fi t your lifestyle.


5. Seek out a professional

Finding a licensed esthetician could make all the difference in the world. If you’re facing severe skin issues, like acne or rosacea, seeking out a professional can help you to penetrate the deeper levels of your skin and round out your overall skincare routine. They specialise in treatments you can’t get at home, like extractions, skin resurfacing and peels. So take your skin to the next level and find a local esthetician who meets your needs.


6. Be kind to yourself

Last and certainty not least, please treat yourself gently. Those things that you feel are glaring people in the face and have a neon sign saying ‘look at me’ are barely noticed by others. Be confident, rock the hand you’re dealt and enjoy the skin you’re in.



How to identify your skin type

Normal skin

• Shows neither oil nor flaking skin

• No or few imperfections

• No severe sensitivity

• Barely-visible pores

• A radiant complexion


Oily skin

• Feels greasy to the fingertips

• Enlarged pores

• Dull or shiny, thick complexion

• Blackheads, pimples or other blemishes


Dry skin

• Feels taut or shows flakes of dead skin

• Almost invisible pores

• Dull, rough complexion

• Red patches

• Less elasticity

• More visible lines


Combination skin

• Exhibits traits of all three of the skin types

• Can be dry or normal in some areas and oily in others

• Overly dilated pores

• Blackheads

• Shiny skin


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