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Yoga, Plant-based Protein And Superfoods: A Hollywood-style Workout

deRose Method


Yoga, Plant-based Protein And Superfoods: A Hollywood-style Workout

I’m breathing so heavily I start to wonder whether it might not be entirely good for me.

However, the lithe Brazilian man in front of me pushes me to continue, insisting I suck in my stomach as I breathe in and force it forwards, seven-months-pregnant-style, as I breathe out.

I’m practicing the deRose Method, an ancient yoga, breathing and meditation technique which promises emotional relaxation and mental concentration. It’s very de rigeur with Hollywood celebrities, I’m told.

I can’t say I’m relaxed but I’m sure as hell concentrating as I contort myself into the bizarre positions the instructor, Paolo, demands of the class once the breathing round is completed. I’ve always known flexibility and upper body strength weren’t my fortes but this exercise certainly test my limits.


The class teacher, Paolo Pacifici, is an expert at the deRose Method


Not trying simply isn’t an option for our nimble trainer, however. He encourages us to give everything a go, from flying up into a handstand to balancing our knees on our triceps and leaning forward so our feet rise off the ground. And, nope, I don’t succeed with either.

Nevertheless, for a morning workout, the class certainly did the job, and our efforts were rewarded with a delicious protein shake from new supplement brand, musclemary.

Their range is a collection of plant-based superfood protein powders which use a blend of high grade pea and white hemp protein.


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There’s nothing overly vegan-tasting about the shake though and I eagerly hoover my tasty Madagascan vanilla-flavored drink down.

Other flavors include Chocolate Crush, flavored with raw cacao, Berry Haze, flavored with strawberry, blackberry and raspberry powders, and Macho Matcha, flavored with ceremonial grade Japanese matcha.

The powders boast a whole host of other superfoods, including: maca powder, chia seeds, flaxseed, acai, goji berry, baobab powder, strawberry powder, raspberry powder, blackberry powder and grape seed. They contain absolutely zero sugar and are sweetened with organic stevia.

Musclemary was developed by Dr. David Jack, a Harley Street doctor with a background in plastic surgery and burns, and his brother Stuart Jack, a trainer with a background in sports psychology. They are helped by Francesca Giacomini, a London based celebrity trainer.


TRAIN for HER’s Harriet (fourth from right) meets the team behind musclemary (David, third from right and Francesca, fourth from left) as well as yoga instructor Paulo (bottom center) as the class enjoy a protein shake


“I am always surprised when I find apparently healthy supplements even in the most reputable health food shops which contain astounding amounts of sugar, preservatives and other nasty ingredients that most consumers don’t even realize are in there,” Dr. Jack tell us.

“Likewise, being a believer in a plant-based diet, I struggle to find a vegan protein supplement that tastes good. With musclemary I wanted to create a trustworthy, honest and fun plant based brand that provides a whole host of superfood and vitamin benefits without any drawbacks that tastes great.

“It has taken a while to get the formulations absolutely right but I am delighted with what we have created.”

I slurp on my straw and mentally imagine my post-yoga muscles becoming more defined and toned by the second.

Well, perhaps not quite yet; Rome wasn’t built in a day.


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