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This Sport Will Burn The Most Calories Per Hour

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This Sport Will Burn The Most Calories Per Hour

Exercising isn’t always fun. Getting out of PJs into sweats can feel like a mission in itself, so finding something enjoyable that will burn a ton of calories is important to maintain a regime. Knowing you’re getting maximum results for your sweat is usually the incentive we all need.

A new survey, published by the health and wellbeing brand Forza Supplements, has measured the calorie burning effectiveness of 50 popular sports and activities. Apparently, boxing gloves should be added to your shopping basket immediately as it topped the list, burning 800 calories over an hour in the ring.

The results are from a survey of healthy men and women, who recorded their calorie output per hour of physical activities ranging from walking the dog (136 calories) to watching TV (0 calories – if you’re on the sofa).

Boxing came out on top due to its high intensity and because it’s involves engaging multiple muscle groups. It’s not just calories you’ll be burning, however, boxing offers a host of health and fitness benefits.


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Due to the intense nature and bouts of exercise of boxing, it’s an awesome way to destress after a bad day at the office. Hitting something is a healthy and productive way to release tension. You’ll also improving balance, coordination and agility.

Squash came in a close second, burning an impressive 748 calories per hour. With longer rallies and shorter breaks than other racket sports, such as tennis, it’s great for building muscular strength along with a flexible back and abdomen.

“We just hope that these figures encourage more people to get active to combat our growing obesity crisis,” said Forza Supplements managing director Lee Smith.

“Boxing is terrific for weight loss because it is the ultimate full body work-out with intense bursts of activity – just like the very best interval training.”


Here are the top 10 results from the survey:

1. Boxing (800)

2. Squash (748)

3. Rowing (740)

4. Road running at a fast or medium pace (700)

5. Swimming – front crawl or butterfly (680)

6. Rugby (614)

7. Football (612)

8. Road cycling fast (604)

9. Weights and cardio (590)

10. Running on a treadmill (580)


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