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Your 4 Minute Total Body Workout

total body workout


Your 4 Minute Total Body Workout

Everyone has their take on a Tabata workout, where you perform 20-seconds of high intensity work followed by 10-seconds of rest.

This workout is unique because it uses four movements that will work every single one of your muscle groups. If you really want to up the intensity, you can do one Tabata for each individual exercise for a total of 16 minutes of torture.

Perform each movement in a circuit fashion, and then repeat that same circuit once more.


1. Pop squats with a touch

Pop squats with a touch

Stand with your feet together. Bend your knees and hips to drop into a sumo squat position, then touch the ground with your hand. Jump your feet back to the start position and repeat, alternating each hand you touch the ground with.


2. Floor jacks

Floor jacks

Start in a push-up position with feet together. Jump your feet apart past shoulder width. Now jump your feet back together to the starting position, and repeat. For an alternate core brace, perform this exercise from the plank position.


3. Elbow-to-knee squats

Elbow-to-knee squats

Once your booty is just below parallel to the ground, rise up lifting your right knee all while twisting at the waist trying to touch your left elbow to your lifted knee. Lower back into the squat position and alternate your elbow to your lifted knee.


4. Elbow-to-knee planks

Elbow-to-knee planks

Start in plank position with feet together. Lift your left knee and twist through the waist to touch your right elbow. Now alternate to lift your right knee and twist though the waist to touch your left elbow to your right knee. Keep repeating.


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Tawny Clark

Certified Fitness Trainer, with a Master of Education in Applied Exercise Science.

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