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Taylor Gallagher: Silver Linings Playbook


Taylor Gallagher: Silver Linings Playbook

Is, or was, there anything to be gained from enforced social isolation?

We asked seven fitness professionals how it has impacted them both for good bad. And you can use their advice to make your own home improvements.

NASM-certified personal trainer, IFBB pro athlete



I’ve had more time to work on my planks.

The different plank variations have always helped me strengthen my core and lower back to alleviate pain caused from previous injuries. Having this extra time to focus on them will definitely have me ready to go full steam ahead with my weight training once the gyms open back up.


I’ve had to become more focused on cardio style, full-body workouts with minimal rest to strengthen my endurance and lung function.


My diet has improved. I am currently taking in fewer calories and adding in more vegetables and fruit. I have also increased my protein intake just simply by creating new recipes to try as snacks.

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