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Lexi Berriman: Silver Linings Playbook


Lexi Berriman: Silver Linings Playbook

Is, or was, there anything to be gained from enforced social isolation?

We asked seven fitness professionals how it has impacted them both for good bad. And you can use their advice to make your own home improvements.

LV Police officer, CrossFit competitor & coach, 2nd degree black belt



Keeping focus on staying home helps you prioritize everything you need to get done at home.

I tend to like to leave my house, so stuff hardly gets done. Everyone always wants more time to workout and now you can do a morning cardio hike, midday exercises and a run before dinner if you want to.

Having the time will really separate the people who want it or not. Personally, it’s brought my husband and I even closer as he likes to workout at home more than I do, so he is excited now we can’t go anywhere else.


I have spent the last few years loading up my garage with an entire CrossFit box-worth of equipment.

I invested in my family’s health by buying what we would use that would make us feel good and make us want to workout at home.


I have to be consistent or I get useless and cranky. This means my diet has stayed the same. I will say that with more time at home, boredom creates a false sense of hunger so that is hard to avoid all the time.


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