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Erin Stern: Silver Linings Playbook


Erin Stern: Silver Linings Playbook

Is, or was, there anything to be gained from enforced social isolation?

We asked seven fitness professionals how it has impacted them both for good bad. And you can use their advice to make your own home improvements.


Two-time Ms. Figure Olympia champion, speaker, author and fitness coach



I have switched to doing more unilateral bodyweight exercises, and have been getting noticeably stronger and my balance has improved.

Advanced bodyweight exercises are often overlooked, but I’m gaining a renewed appreciation for them. Exercises like single-leg squats, skater squats, quad step-ups, and pistol squats require no equipment (other than something sturdy to step up on or use as a spot), and can help ensure that you still make gains.


I had goals of competing this month, so all of my goals required adjusting.

I’m a firm believer in two things: everything happens for a reason, and we can’t stress about the stuff we can’t control. My new goals are to get leaner for summer and to work on my sprint speed through drills and wind sprints.


The foods I normally eat are sold out in stores, so I have been trying new foods.

I’m learning new recipes and have found new favorite foods. Time are tough and even though we face isolation, we’re still incredibly lucky to have the things we have. I am more thankful for everything now.

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