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The Three Supplements You Need To Turn Yourself Into An Immunity Fortress


The Three Supplements You Need To Turn Yourself Into An Immunity Fortress

Your ability to achieve the results you crave are under threat. It’s not a threat you can see, but you will feel it. Germs. Whether they’re worthy of a face mask or just something that leaves you feeling a little off, they will unravel the best of intentions. Regardless of where you’re at in your training or nutrition program, when you’re feeling under the weather, you will not care what you eat. You will not want to move. The hangover from even a small illness can be lasting, with many experts suggesting that every day of sickness will take you three days to recover. This means a week of sickness can set you back by almost a full month. Don’t accept those odds. While you may supplement with whey or creatine, your immune system needs support too. These are the crucial elements you need to be taking to stay stronger on the inside and out.


Zinc Is Your Healer

Zinc is probably not something you think of too much. It’s a mineral buried deep into the earth that your body relies on and fortunately, you don’t need to munch on mud to get it because you can obtain it foods such as shellfish meat, poultry, and fish. How powerful it is? Well, supplementing with zinc acetate lozenges at least 80 mg daily can shorten the duration of colds by 40%, found research by the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. More is not always better because there isn’t any proof that having more than 100 mg daily is more effective.

Create A Shield With Vitamin C

Think of vitamin C as a facemask made from half an orange. Mom may have told you oranges help prevent that common cold and to a degree she was right. Moms are always right. The best time to take it is when you’re healthy because it powers up your defenses, says research by the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. How much is enough? Well, a nice generous dose of roughly 500 mg daily was enough to seriously reduce your chance of getting the sniffles. Is there an upper cap? No, your body just gets rid of the excess it doesn’t use and it won’t harm if you if you double or even triple that quantity. In the case of vitamin C, more can be better. This might be because vitamin C is so abundant in all the best fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin D For Optimized Defences

The sun on your back on a cold morning, that’s the dreams vitamin D are made of. Trouble is, you’re probably deficient in it because most people suffer this fate. The journal Nutrients reported confirmed research on how vitamin D has important interactions with both the innate and adaptive immune system. A deficiency in vitamin D may impair normal immune functions and regulation. This vitamin often presents a problem because too much sunlight can cause skin cancer and that means your mouth has to pick up the slack. And if you wear sunscreen, this can also hamper your ability to absorb it. This vitamin also helps your body absorb calcium which act together to help maintain neuromuscular health-the combination of the nervous system and the muscles working together.

By teaming up all three of these nutrients you’ll create a body that’s able to fend off the most common ailments by giving your immune system a solid boost throughout the year. A product such as American Metabolix’s Super-C offers serious supplies of all three of these along with calcium for good measure. Pop one and you can rest easy knowing you’ve given your body all the ammunition it needs to put up the good fight.


Photo by Autumn Goodman on Unsplash.

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