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7 Healthiest Foods To Eat On A Ketogenic Diet


7 Healthiest Foods To Eat On A Ketogenic Diet

A ketogenic diet has all angles covered. There are foods you can and can’t eat. Your macro nutrients are tallied with surgical precision. You’ll struggle initially then you’ll thrive, so you have a goal to look forward to, along with improving your health and losing body fat. Follow the rules, power through missteps and shop wisely. There is a way to make it even better by making even smarter choices. You see, the way to optimize your health is to choose the foods with the most nutrients but the least calories. Eat less. Get more nutrients. Live better. It’s a smart equation for getting the most out of the foods you buy. To help you a long, these are the top foods to eat if you’re following a ketogenic diet.



These are arguably one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. They may act like the ocean’s liver as they filter all that water, but they grab a lot of nutrients along the way. They may not be super filling, however oysters will give you just 50 calories while offering you almost all your daily needs of vitamin D, copper, zinc, iron, selenium and vitamin B 12. They lock up all that goodness into a hard-to-enter shell, though it’s worth the effort because they’re the diamonds of the nutritional world.



It would be possible to group everything into shellfish but that would deny clams their moment in the sun. They operate similarly to oysters but are equally rich in proteins and all the vital micronutrients you need to be very healthy. They’re one of the top sources of vitamin B12 and omega 3’s which is responsible for giving you energy in body and mind. Small wonder they’re always smiling.



Weigh up any quantity of mussel meat against pretty much all other sources of animal protein and they’ll outperform them just about every time. It’s their dense concentration of micronutrients that make them the ideal food for treating joint pains, optimizing bone health and getting your circulatory system in tip top shape. They taste damn delicious too, so get these along with their shellfish cousins in tinned form if you must, though fresh is always best.


Leafy greens

It’s tempting to limit your green intake to spinach and kale. There’s more than one type of leaf in the garden. It’s best to purchase mixed bags of these so you’re getting a broad spectrum of options in your salad. The more varieties the better because they’re the best way to protect pretty much every system in your body. Eat them with every meal if you can.



What about salmon? Well, salmon are higher up the fishy food chain so their flesh can often accumulate some of the toxins from the foods that they eat. Sardines are different. They’re at the bottom of the food chain. They eat zooplankton and are at the bottom of the food chain, but still get some of the highest levels of omega 3 fatty acids. They’re also super high in protein and calcium which are essential if you’re after muscles that perform at their peak.



Not just any egg will do. The best kind are from the chickens you have in your back yard. Failing that, free range organic varieties will do. In the back yard, they’re totally free range and eat a variety of foods, not just the feed you give them. Happy chickens that are allowed to forage for insects and have a balanced diet will give you the healthiest eggs you can get. These give you the right balance of protein and fats that will improve every part of you.


Cruciferous vegetables

Yep, the stuff you hated as a kid are the best for you. It may seem cruel, but that’s how things work in the world of nutrition where the things you dislike the most are the best for you. Not only are things like broccoli richer in calcium than milk, but they’re also optimize your hormones and are a must-eat food.


Use this food list to make sure you always have abundant supplies of these options in ways that you enjoy. You’ll be leaner. Happier. Healthier. And live much longer.


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Photo by Anastasiia Rusaeva on Unsplash.

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