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6 Exercises To Steel Abs

two fit women performing abs exercises in a gym studio


6 Exercises To Steel Abs

Innovate your routine to use new twists on traditional moves, giving you those steel abs.

While the falling barometer might be foiling of chances of putting a toned tum on show, that’s just more of a reason to get the hard yards in now so you’re ready when the moment strikes. Not only that, but you should balance your routine with exercises that strengthen your back as well. The following routine uses stabilizing movements to fire up your entire core, along with weighted movements for added challenge and variety. Try using a medicine ball that’s 5-15lb and do two rounds of the whole workout.


1. Med ball rotations (10 reps)

Hold the ball close to your body and rotate to the right, then through center and to the left. That’s one rep. For an added challenge, bring your feet off the ground.

2. Med ball plank with leg lifts (10 reps each side)

A) Set up in your plank, palms on the medicine ball and pick up the right leg. B) Flex the right foot and squeeze the glutes to lift it o the floor. Return to the ground with a gentle tap to complete one rep.

3. Med ball plank (15-30 seconds)

A) Kneel on the ground and place your palms on the medicine ball. Press into the ball as you extend your legs with the feet side by side. To modify, keep the feet wide for more stability, or lower the knees to the ground.

4. Crunch with toss and catch (10 reps)

A) Lie on your back and hold the medicine ball over your chest with both hands.

B) Exhale, bringing your shoulder blades o the ground. At the top of the movement, toss the ball, catch it and return to the mat.

5. Superwoman (10 reps)

A) Begin on all fours with your hands on the ground, under your shoulders.
B) Lift one arm out in front of you and lift the opposite leg straight back. Bend the knee and elbow and move them in towards each other.

6. X-Superwoman (10 reps)

A) To set up this variation of the superwoman, lie with your arms and legs wide (resembling an X).
B) Lift your arms and legs, tap your hands and feet together, then return to the X and lower your limbs.


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