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Ruby Rose On How She Stays In Shape

Ruby Rose


Ruby Rose On How She Stays In Shape

Starring roles in some of the year’s biggest action romps, this is Ruby Rose’s recipe for staying in shape.



When I’m not training for a particular project, I usually exercise five times a week. Exercise and eating healthy are a big part of my life. My workout’s a mix of cardio and weights, and I also box. I’ve always been into boxing. Before Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, xXx: Return of Xander Cage and John Wick: Chapter 2, I was training and I was fit, but I used to do competitive boxing. With that, I was running 10km first thing almost everyday, and then I’d do one or two hours of boxing. Working on those films was the first time I got back to that level and, in many ways, rose [See what you did there – Ed] above it. That was invigorating.



I get so much out of going to the gym; I love how it makes me feel when I’ve finished a good workout. The endorphins and having that rush through my body, I get such a kick out of that. It fires me up.


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I’m a very healthy eater and diets are not an option for me as I like food too much. If I eat too much, I just work out harder the next day. I mostly eat fruit and vegetables and I spend way too much money going to juice and vegan cafes. I’m a super healthy person and I always feel at my best when I’ve had the most rest, when I’ve exercised. I drink a lot of water and green juices. I try to stay away from coffee, fizzy drinks, alcohol. That really makes me feel more energized and better about myself. Feeling good about yourself is obviously so important, and rest and treating your body well is very much linked to that.



At first, everyone finds something new a challenge – everyone does – but you won’t improve or develop without giving it a shot. Slow progress is better than no progress. The stunts were physically gruelling on these three most recent films, but they were also so much fun. I did a lot of sniper training on xXx: Return of Xander Cage, and then a lot of combat training for both that and John Wick: Chapter 2. Preparing for both films, there was a lot of strength training; I was ripped. Each film has presented different choreography and at times finding myself outside of my comfort zone, which is scary at first but it’s also thrilling, especially wen you start seeing yourself improve.


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