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This Is How Heidi Moneymaker Gets Fit

Heidi Moneymaker


This Is How Heidi Moneymaker Gets Fit

How the stunt woman from John Wick 2 and the Avengers series looks the part on screen.


How do you train?

I train for different reasons at different times.

1. Functional training: This is what I do most often. For me, functional training for my job consists of acrobatics, martial arts and HIIT training, sculpting workouts and plyometric workouts. I do this to stay in shape for the job. Functional training can also consist of firearms training, driving, archery, or any other skill I may need for a particular job. It just depends on the film.

2. Emotional relief training: I run a lot. Running not only provides cardio training for me, but is also a source of emotional relief. I can take off and run for an hour and the mind just goes. I work out a lot of anxiety and issues I am dealing with when I’m out running.

3. Rehabilitation: I end up with a lot of nagging injuries with my job so I do a lot of rehab workouts. Sometimes I use yoga and light body weight or exercise band routines.


How do you stay motivated?

When I am exercising regularly and eating healthy, it is easier for me to feel grounded, while being still and find peace in my life. I also love being an inspiration to other women and young girls and that makes me hit the gym, even when I’m really not feeling it.

Working out is a happy time for me. I enjoy it because I make sure I always enjoy what I am doing.  If I get bored, I switch it up. Sometimes I just play for an hour somewhere fun like a free running gym and I chase my dogs and try jujitsu moves on them. Eating healthy is also a passion for me because when I am eating right, I can jump higher and I feel better.


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Once again, you have to find healthy foods you like or you will not stick to the program. I have a fitness program out now with Fierce Lotus called the Action Star Workout Program which consists of high intensity workouts based on my style of fight training mixed with yoga and strength body sculpting moves, as well as a nutrition guide and quick, tasty, healthy recipes in a recipe book.

I recommend checking this out if you are having a hard time sticking to a healthy meal plan. You will also receive a meditation guide because being stressed is one of the number one reasons people reach for junk food.


Which nutritional guide do you stick to?

Check out the nutrition guide in my program for full details, but here are two of my secrets:

1. Add low sugar green smoothies to your diet. They are full of fiber, nutrients and are very helpful with weight loss

2. Drink one-two tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in 8oz water every day or anytime you are craving sugar. It helps with stress, digestion and is a sugar blocker.


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