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Is Unstable Surface Training Vital In Muscle Building Training?

Unstable surface training


Is Unstable Surface Training Vital In Muscle Building Training?

Every month we ask our panel of experts their opinion on what’s hot in health and fitness. This month we ask: does unstable surface training have any place within muscle building training?


Yami Mufdi

I don’t believe training on an unstable service is an attribute to muscle building. I do think unstable training is great for individuals who are rehabbing from an injury, though.


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Taylor Chamberlain

I believe there are much safer ways to build muscle than standing on a Bosu ball while performing a bicep curl.


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Christie Bailey

I only use an unstable surface for bodyweight work with a Bosu ball to strengthen my core. I wouldn’t recommend training with heavy weights, as that is a safety hazard.


Noel Arevalo

When you train for muscle building or strength, you need to be as stable as possible to exert the most force to stress and activate the muscles enough to grow. If you’re trying to strengthen your core or posture, this is were unstable training is beneficial.


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Lacey Dunn

Unstable surface training, when done safely, is a great method for combining resistance and balance training. By using an unstable surface, you force your body to recruit more stabilizers to perform each movement. However, it can be highly dangerous when done incorrectly, with bad form or too heavy weight: always have a spotter and use proper form. This training is best for functional health and for those who want to enhance posture and balance.


Karine Baymiller

Unstable surface training isn’t a joke regarding balance and proprioception training, but there’s little to no benefit if your goal is simply muscle hypertrophy. Leave the balance board at home unless balance itself is something you want to work on.

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