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Rachel McAdams: Fitness Q&A


Rachel McAdams: Fitness Q&A

Few actresses radiate class more effortlessly than this leading lady. Here’s how she strives to stand out…


TRAIN for HER: Have you always been active?

I do live an active life, and I do think that’s important, as long as you’re not overly stretched and stressed. In my life I try to cycle a lot and I enjoy hiking and just being on the move. I’ve always loved sports. I’d started figure skating when I was four years old, competing regionally until I was 18. Figure skating and living that lifestyle really taught me how to be in tune with my body and physicality. It gives you a command of your body and a confidence.

What is your favourite way to exercise?

I’m going to sound like typical actor, but I love, love, love yoga. That’s daily for me! I love kundalini yoga. I get a lot out of doing that in the morning. It gets my mind and body in gear. That’s been a fixture in my life for a number of years now. When I want to break a sweat I’m also into high- intensity interval training. I really enjoy it.


What about your diet?

I’ve always had a healthy diet and I like to learn about new things and try out new things. I think I spend most of my money on good food. I eat in moderation, and I’m mindful of my diet. I try to make sure that a protein and fat is in every meal. I eat organic and I eat a lot of greens and seeds. I’ve always been conscious of what I put in my body and I’m finding it so much easier now to eat healthily on the go. I think there are a lot more tasty options.


Do you have a happy place?

I was thrilled to get the part in Doctor Strange. As an actor it’s such an easy decision to say “yes” to Marvel because you know that so much care, and consideration is going into the film before you’ve even begun. It has so much emotional depth and such a rich cast of characters, it was so much fun to prep for and work on. Being able to work with all of these amazing actors just raises the stakes and I think it allows the audience to buy into things more and suspend disbelief.


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