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4 Ways To Cheat Yourself Into Feeling Motivated


4 Ways To Cheat Yourself Into Feeling Motivated

Sometimes we fall out of love with our fitness routines. Even though we have the best of intentions, we still somehow convince ourselves that we can have yet another day off from the gym.

To combat this, we have found four little cheats that can get you back on the fitness wagon again.


1. Expect success 

Expectations are self-imposed. Look for pictures of people with bodies you’d like to have and tape them on a poster board so you can see them every day. Build this image into your mind and expect it to happen. This will drive you to behave in ways that lead you to your expected result.


2. Make it a team sport

Contact close friends or family members and ask them to be on your support team. It’s easy to quit when you’re on your own, but letting down people who care about you is a different story.


3. Make a daily reminder

Every day, write down the five most important reasons you must lose weight and get healthy until you hit your ideal weight. This will burn them into your mind and keep you on track. Your “Why?” is equally as important to how you’re going to do it.


4. Forge supreme confidence

If you lack self-confidence because of past failures, decide today to grow up emotionally by getting tough with yourself and gutting it out for 21-30 days. Your success will give you the confidence you need to pursue your next goal.


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