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Paige Spiranac’s Full Body Workout Plan

Paige Spiranac workout plan


Paige Spiranac’s Full Body Workout Plan

Our July cover model and professional golfer, Paige Spiranac shares her killer full body workout plan with us.



Treadmill (walking)5 mins
Barbell squats5x 12
Walking lunges (10/leg)3x 20
Jump squats super-set with hamstring curls2x 10
Reverse deadlifts with dumbbells3x 15
Lateral dumbbell raises3x 12
Cardio20 mins



Treadmill (walking)5 mins
Circuit (1 min break)4
Jump squats15
Russian twists (25 each side)50
Dumbbell row (10 each arm)20
Dumbbell squat12
Shoulder press1
Plank1 min


Wednesday (rest)



Stair master10 mins
Circuit (rest 1 1/2 min)4
Dumbbell squat10
Shoulder press1
Walking lunges20
Plank1 min
Jumping jacks15
Kickbacks (10 each leg)20
Battle rope30 secs
Box jumps5
Russian twists (15 each side)30



Warm up5 mins
Lat pull-down4x 10
Single arm seated cable row3x 15
Hip thrust3x 10
Walking weighted lunges3x 20
Weighted step-ups (15 each leg)2x 30
Feet weighted sled pushes3x 45



Russian twists (15 each side)2x 30
Medicine ball wall throws2x 15
Plank3x 1min
Cardio45 mins


Sunday (rest)


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