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Naomie Harris Explains How She Got In Shape For Spectre


Naomie Harris Explains How She Got In Shape For Spectre

How Spectre’s Moneypenny flexes her workouts and nutrition to keep JamesBond firmly in his place.

TRAIN for HER: What’s the new Bond movie like?

“Spectre is really amazing. We had so many incredible people working on this film – the cast, writers, director Sam Mendes, cinematographer, set designers, costume designers, producers. Everyone was so incredibly talented and I think it shows.

“I had such an incredible experience on Skyfall and this one definitely continued that. With Sam Mendes, you have someone who’s not only one of the best directors around, he’s also such a fan of the Bond movies. I’m so glad he came back! And then Daniel Craig bosses it again – he brings such strength but also vulnerability to the role. His Bond is so layered and it’s wonderful to act opposite that.

“I don’t want to give anything away with what my character Miss Moneypenny does in Spectre but the relationship between Bond and Moneypenny definitely develops, and you see that she’s one of the few people he actually trusts. There’s a great witty repartee between them. I really admire her.”


Have you always been fit and athletic?

“It’s funny because before Skyfall I was very, very unfit (laughs). I couldn’t even run around the block. But I really loved the training, and especially the weapons trainings – which is a bit odd because I’m the biggest pacifist.

“I’m generally quite lazy and never really exercised at all, but Skyfall kicked me into gear. My go-to things are yoga, running and circuit training. I do Gyrotonic, a dance-based form of yoga. It’s a mix of yoga, Pilates and chi gung.”


What is your dietary strategy?

“I’m very lucky with my figure, I’ve got a great metabolism but working on the Bond films has certainly set me on a bit of a health trip. I never drink and I eat very healthy – I’m actually obsessed with health and that has been an interesting journey for me.

“I tried the whole raw-food diet thing but got ill. I became so ill and was anemic, so I stopped that and became a vitamin junkie. I just ate lots of vegetables and exercised. My diet is very balanced, and I really grew to love the benefits – having a lot more energy and feeling a lot more alive and sleeping better and eating better.”

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