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Katrina Freds: Fitness Q&A

Katrina Freds


Katrina Freds: Fitness Q&A

Katrina Freds won the 2016 spokesmodel search thanks to her flawless physique and warm personality. This is how she eats, trains and motivates herself to be the best.

Heralding from Hamilton, Indiana, Katrina is a small-town country girl who’s happy being surrounded by corn and bean fields. This means her athletic ambitions don’t come from looking at those around her,  but firmly from within as she trains to exhaustion in her home gym. Her path to success is filled with the lessons you can use in your session today to be better tomorrow.


Thirst for knowledge 

“I’ve researched so much and I’m constantly trying new techniques. Since I’m now coaching myself, my goal is to find what works  best for me. My approach to my training is constantly evolving through trial and error. I want to constantly grow, improve, learn and turn my weaknesses into strengths.”


Smart snacking 

“I experiment a lot with food, eating a large variety and ensuring my meals change daily. No day of eating is ever the same, which helps me stay on track because I never get bored.
I started carb cycling a few months ago, having two high-carb days, two low-carb days and three moderate-carb days. Most of my sugars and carbs are from my pre- and post-workout meals, and at night I like to eat a healthy serving of proteins and fats right before bed.”


Mentally strong

“When starting out you’re going to feel like quitting a million times. You might feel like you can’t do it, but remember that every time you say ‘I can’t’ you’re really saying ‘I choose not to.’ You have to train your mind to keep pushing even when it is saying stop. Most of all: have fun. Becoming healthier is a positive life change, yet so many people make themselves miserable by chasing an unrealistic way of life. If what you’re currently doing isn’t making you happy then switch it up and try something new.


Supplemental health 

“I like to keep my supplements simple and use products with a short list of ingredients. I don’t eat 100% clean but I like the bulk of my  diet to be clean nutrient-dense food. I like my supplements to be the same way.”


Taking aim 

“I love archery and I use  my training to improve the necessary skills and my overall health. Archery uses muscles that aren’t typically used on a daily basis so I train to strengthen my shoulders and back for a strong draw on my bow.

“Archery is a combination of endurance and strength. You also need control over your breathing to make an accurate shot when your heart rate is elevated.

“To improve my fitness for archery, I mix outdoor country workouts of tire flips, wood splitting, weighted sled drags and battle ropes along with more cookie- cutter gym workouts.”


Staying keen 

“I don’t see my goals and shows as destinations, rather as check points. They’re there to motivate me towards my next goal or show because I never want to look back and think I should have pushed harder.”


Successful combinations 

“I like heavy, fast-paced workouts, so I use super-sets or bodyweight moves between sets to keep my heart rate up. When it comes to juggling my family, our farm, housework, a full-time job, research, creating my meal and workout plans and getting in my training, I try to save time anywhere I can. Super-sets are great for this.”


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