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Karrie Brady Hit Rock Bottom And Recovered Strong

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Karrie Brady Hit Rock Bottom And Recovered Strong

Karrie Brady discovered the exhilaration of feeling strong, inside and out.


Vital Stats

Before: 120lb

After: 135lb


Finding the lowest point and recovering

After a bad relationship and surrounding myself with the wrong group of friends, I hit rock bottom. I told myself I was using cardio as an outlet, but I was doing it because it was making me smaller. I thought that the smaller I was, the more I would feel at peace and people would accept me. But in reality, I felt weak, insecure, and not in control of my body and mind.


A new lifestyle

My initial turning point was the second semester of my freshman year when I ran a Spartan Race (mud run obstacle course). After seeing all of the women looking so confident and strong, climbing ropes and completing obstacles all on their own, I soon realized that’s what I wanted to be like. I wanted to know what that felt like. I started lifting in the gym after that, using resources I found on Pinterest and


My biggest challenges

As a personal trainer, NPC bikini competitor, and fitness model, basically my whole life revolves around this industry now. It’s easy for me to think that I have to be 100% perfect on my training and diet year round to be a good role model to others, when of course that’s not the case. We’re all human and I’m just doing my best to be as helpful as I can be.


My diet

I follow flexible dieting and count macros loosely. I try to eat four balanced meals a day, while leaving room for a few treats and snacks if I want them. I allow myself to eat out and enjoy time/memories with others and don’t let food get in the way.


My cardio work

I do 30 minutes on a treadmill two times a week. Ten 30-second sprints outdoors, once per week.


My workout


Hamstring & glutes

Sumo deadlift5x 10x 12
(SS) Single leg hamstring curls4x 12
(SS) Reverse lunges4x 15
(TS) Alternating step-ups4x 12
(TS) Box jumps 4x 20
(TS) Walking lunges 4x 100


Pull day

Wide grip lat pulldowns4x 8-10
Seated narrow rows4x 12
One arm bent over rows3x 15
(SS) Dumbbell bicep curls3x 15
(SS) Dumbbell hammer curls3x 15


Quads & glutes

Back squats (15, 10, 8, 2)x6
(SS) Bulgarian split squats4x 12
(SS) Single leg hip thrusts4x 15
(SS) Walking lunges3x 20
(SS) Jump squats3x 20


Push day

Barbell shoulder press4x 8-10
(SS) Seated Arnold press4x 12
(SS) Seated lateral raises4x 15
(TS) Upright rows3x 12
(TS) Rear delt flyes3x 15
(TS) Front raises3x 15
(SS) Battle ropes 3x 30 secs
(SS) Push-ups 3x amrap
*Day 5: rest day



(SS) Barbell hip thrusts6x 8-10
(SS) Body weight hip thrusts6x 20
(SS) Cable pull throughs4x 12
(SS) Cable squats4x 15
(SS) Cable glute kickbacks5x 20
(SS) Single leg box squats5x 20
*Day 7: Rest Day


(SS) Superset (TS) Triset

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