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How Carissa Johnson Gained Muscle After Breaking Both Legs

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How Carissa Johnson Gained Muscle After Breaking Both Legs

People thought Carissa Johnson was a child or even anorexic, but when an accident left her in a wheelchair with two broken legs, here’s how she fought back.


Turning point

I was a 90lb cardio soccer bunny most of my life and dressed in kids’ clothes until my 20s. People assumed I was anorexic even when they saw me eat a full of range of foods, and I got sick of the assumptions; so I tried to gain weight.

It was a slow process and wasn’t until I began weight training consistently after suffering injuries from excessive running, that I began to add mass. I’ve never felt better.


Muscle Food

I’m a firm believer in eating everything in moderation when not in competition prep mode. Balance, not deprivation, is key. Healthy, but flexible, eating has been effective for me personally.

Competition mode is another story – I’ve found to cut fat but maintain muscle, the strategy is low carb and sugar while increasing protein for six days, with a carb up day to keep my metabolism revved.


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The challenges

Finding time to work out is a challenge. As a part-time admin assistant, and full-time mom to a toddler, blocking out time to work out can seem impossible. I’m a survivor of an accident that left me in a wheelchair for three months after I broke both legs.

I’m beyond blessed to have my life, legs and health. After three invasive surgeries, my legs are crooked, scarred and have nerve damage, which creates physical and mental challenges.


My Supplements

Nutrition 53 Lean 1 Pro, betaTOR, Peak ATP, Daily Multi-Vitamin, Fish Oil, Vitamin D.


Keeping keen

Instead of watching TV, do push-ups, double crunches, planks, wall sits or plyo exercises during commercials. If you’re on an extreme low-carb diet, add a meal of good carbs to ensure your metabolism doesn’t flatline.


Find out more about Carissa’s journey at, Facebook, and Instagram.


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