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Tough HIIT Cardio Workout In Under 25 Minutes


Tough HIIT Cardio Workout In Under 25 Minutes

Want a new cardio challenge? Give this workout a go…


Take a couple of minutes to stretch, then hop on a treadmill or exercise bike and have a 5-10 minute warm up at a slow to moderate pace. Once you feel your body’s warm enough now’s the time to move onto the hard stuff.


All you’ll need for this workout is a treadmill and exercise bike that you can alternate between, so make sure you’ve got some available.


The Workout

Alter the amount of times performing the exercises or increase your ‘rest’ times (low intensity/walk) to better suit your fitness levels.

Exercise Bike:

1. 30 seconds high intensity, 30 seconds low intensity x 5

2. 15 seconds high intensity, 45 seconds low intensity x 3

3. 45 seconds high intensity, 15 seconds low intensity x 2

Rest for 2 minutes before moving onto the treadmill. (below)

4. 30 seconds moderate intensity, 30 seconds walk x 5

5. 20 seconds moderate intensity, 40 seconds walk x 3

6. 40 seconds moderate intensity, 20 seconds walk x 2


That’s it, you’re all done! Just remember to cool down afterwards, this can be as simple as a light walk/jog. It’s important to get your heart rate and blood pressure back to pre-exercise levels so your body can gradually recover after your workout. This helps to prevent you from feeling sick and passing out after your workout and kicks off your body’s recovery process in the most healthy way possible which can help with injury prevention. If you fancy mixing up your cool down, check out these cool down ideas.

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