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5 Reasons To Start Weight Training

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5 Reasons To Start Weight Training

So many women tend to stay far away from the weight room in their gym. Whether it be due to the myth that you will have a manly body or you simply aren’t aware of the true benefits of including it in your workout, there are a lot of reasons why you should be breaking your regular routines and start weight training. We outline exactly what those are for you here!


Increase Self Confidence While Building Strength

One of the biggest benefits of getting yourself in the weight room is the total body strength you gain from consistent weight training. Not only will this be beneficial in your future workouts but also practical in your every day life, giving you the ability to lift heavier objects in the house, carry your child for longer and not to mention being able to bring all of your groceries in from the car in one trip!

The confidence and independence that you will gain from your newfound strength will be a rewarding result from the time and effort you put in the weight room. You will feel better which will affect the way you look allowing you to carry yourself differently than ever before in a more positive manner.


Get Out Of The Gym Rut

Spending a lot of time running on the treadmill or sitting on an exercise bike can definitely get tedious, especially if you aren’t seeing the results. Adding variety to your workouts helps you to progress a lot quicker towards your goals and prevents boredom in the gym.

Lifting weights can be fun and brings a new type of training to your workout routine which will only make going to the gym more enjoyable (and who doesn’t want that?!). Whether it be traditional weight training or something a little more conventional such as sandbags, kettlebell training or testing out those mean looking battle ropes. Trying out something new out of your usual comfort zone will make you a better all round athlete which will in turn bring more confidence when performing your workouts and this will resonate outside the gym, even if you don’t realise it.


Achieve Your Body Goals

Whatever your dream body shape is, whether it be to have toned legs for that dress you’ve been eying up, or being ‘bikini ready’ for your summer holiday, weight training assists you in achieving those goals.

If you aim to add lean muscle to your body shape for a slimmer look, mixing up your cardio with weight training is a much quicker way to achieve this. So if it’s a toned, shapely figure you desire, weight training is the way forward, ideally three times per week if you want the best results.


Improve Your Mood

Everyday life can get on top of us sometimes and it’s easy to let it stress us out. Lifting weights is a great stress reliever. It distracts you from your thoughts while you focus on your body movements in that particular exercise, counting reps until you reach your goal number in each set, taking your mind of anything that may be going on in your life.

Not only do you feel better for having your mind focused elsewhere, but also due to the fact you are accomplishing something every time you finish a set, hitting the number you told yourself to reach. You will walk out of the gym with your head held higher than before knowing that you have the discipline and capability to complete a workout even on your worst days.


Stay Healthy And Age Gracefully

We all want to age well and be as healthy as we possibly can, in the journey of life growing older is a certainty and there’s nothing you can do to stop it… but there are ways to slow it down, and weight lifting helps to fight against the toll of time.

Weight training not only strengthens your muscles but also increases bone density. As much as weight training is beneficial to both sexes, women can actually benefit that little bit more due to the fact women are more susceptible to osteoporosis. Training with weights at least twice a week will increases your bone density, keeping them strong which can help to reduce the risk of osteoporosis earlier on in life.

Stronger bones also helps in reducing your risk of fractures and breaks, preventing injuries. Which is another positive aspect of lifting weights which will leave you with a strong and sturdy frame reducing the risk of injuries.


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