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Cross-Training Workouts For People Short On Time


Cross-Training Workouts For People Short On Time

So, you’re short on time but still love your body enough to want to keep it in shape. No problem! These 20 minute workouts require little equipment and are perfect for you.


Perform all of the exercises one after another for a total of 20 minutes with minimal rest. If you’re not as fit as you’d like to be at the moment, don’t worry, try bringing the amount of time down to 10 minutes and alter the reps slightly to suit you better!


Lower Body

Cable Squats / Overhead Cable Press / Cable Deadlifts


Core & Legs

10 Sit Ups / 10 Walking Lunges (Weights optional)


Total Body Workout

5 Pull Ups / 10 Push Ups / 12 Squats (Weights optional)


Rough Runner

Quarter mile run / 10 Cable Pull Throughs / 5 Pull Ups


Down & Out

10 Cable Squats with Overhead Press / 5 Burpees


Possible Modifications

If you’re not able to perform pull ups, try swapping these out for pull downs.

No cable machine? Try swapping it out for free weights or kettlebells.

Running too heavy on the legs? Try swapping this out for a low impact option like the exercise bike.

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