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Here’s How To Use The Squat Rack Properly


Here’s How To Use The Squat Rack Properly

Sometimes the equipment in the gym can be daunting and the fear of being mocked by other gym goers can leave you sticking to the mats.

However, learning to use a squat rack properly will develop your confidence in the weight room like nothing else. Kandace Hudspeth teaches you how to do it.


1. Adjust the hooks so that the bottom of the clip hits just below the top of your shoulder.


2. Fine-tune the safety bars to just below the height of your knee.


3. Stand in the center of the rack and perform a few airs squats; spot-check the safety bar heights.


4. Step under the barbell with feet approx shoulder-width apart.


5. Stand to lift the barbell; take two steps backwards to set into position and initiate squat.


6. Complete a warm up set of squats, step forwards, towards the clips and re-rack the barbell.


7. Slowly add more weight to the barbell with each warm up set, testing your comfort level with each weight increase.


Once you identify a working weight that you feel is challenging enough for the rep range selected, perform three to five sets to bring out your inner badass.


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